About Universal Telecom

A quite natural philosophy has influenced work and values at Universal Telecom since the company start over a decade ago. Our customers should not worry about costs nor technology hassles. Internet access and telephony is supposed to be cheap and to work - simple as that.

We primarily have customers in European countries, where the liberation of the telecom market means free competition. In countries like Denmark, France, and Holland there are thousands of people who depend on Universal Telecom to deliver fixed and mobile telephony as well as high quality internet connections.

Our years in telecommunications industry have generated extensive knowledge, which of course benefits our customers in several ways. Product development takes place incessantly, and our supply is always in sync with demand. Therefore, we offer a wide range of quality services and have got something for everyone.

Do you live in Sweden but don't speak Swedish?
We can welcome you too to Universal Telecom!

Please contact us and we'll tell you all about our useful services. Below you find the ways to contact us in English.

Contact us

By phone: 0771 85 00 00
+46-771-85 00 00 (from abroad)

By email: info at universal dot se

By chat: www.universal.se